10 Tips for Students to Score good marks


10 Tips for Students to Score good marks

After growing old each and every person realize that the Student phase was the best part of their lives.Earlier parents used to decide what career path the kid should take to have a good future and parents used to put their unfulfilled ambitions on their kids, but now the time has changed. Kids are smart enough to choose their own destiny thanks to the internet. As we grew old responsibilities also increase and we become mature. Working people think their problems are the biggest, married people think the same and so as the students. Students have their own problems; difficulties which most of the teachers, parents won’t understand and the student remain unaddressed.According to my experience and the issues which I witnessed in my student life, I want to portray in this post.

10 reasons why students don’t score good marks in the exam

Here are the 10 Tips for Students to score good marks :

1) Students get worried about the exams, as a result, the output of the exam gets deteriorated. They become nervous and tensed, as a result, they make grammar mistakes, frame wrong sentences which lead to poor marks.

2) They should write the introduction and conclusion part well in any answer if these two parts are written well they will be awarded good marks. But most of the students take it lightly.

3) Students are generally concerned about the length of the answer but not the content which they are putting in. I think they should concentrate more on the content rather than the length.

4) Students think if they increase the length of the answer and write rubbish, it will fetch marks.No, actually, the examiner gets irritated with your answers and also there is a chance of not reading your whole answer and give you fewer marks for that answer.

5) I think this point you people should keep in mind, “Know your teachers, professors better”. I mean to say, keep interacting with them, keep observing them what they prefer more, are they very much technical? Are they descriptive? Do they give examples for each point? So according to the professor or teacher you write the answer. Example – Suppose you are a science student and your professor gives example for each and every concept and points, so keep that in mind and in an exam you keep giving examples for each question, you will get good grades.

6) Many students papers might be corrected from Boards, Universities for them the above point might not be applicable, so they should keep the subject in mind and give the answers. Example – If you are giving History exam be descriptive there if you are giving science exam use technical terms and examples, so first know the subject and write your answers.

7) Most of the college students study a week before exams, this should be stopped. If you are doing that they don’t read the whole book, do a selective study. Jot down all important concepts in a particular chapter and study those as in exams those famous and important concepts are asked.

8) Go through last year question paper. If students are affiliated with Universities then you should follow this. 70 – 80 % of the questions come from previous year question paper and the students take lightly on this fact as a result lose there marks.

9) Students should first attempt the questions which are known and try to complete them. Students waste much of their time in solving the questions which are tough and difficult to solve. This will at least secure certain marks for you and if time is there after completing the known questions you can go for difficult questions.

10) Last but not the least don’t memorize anything, this point is especially for college going students. You can be stuck at a point and can’t proceed further because you don’t know the concept as you have just memorized. To understand the concepts as it will take less time and you will be cleared with your concepts.

These points I wrote what I have seen and been seeing till now among students. So I think if you students try to implement these points, mark my words you will definitely score well in your exams.

If your students want to add any other way or problem which I haven’t mentioned you are free to mention in the comments.

Hope it was helpful.


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