How to rank your website on the first page of Google|If I can why not you|

How to rank your website on the first page of Google|If I can why not you|

Every blogger dream is to rank their website on the first page of Google, so was mine. I agree it’s not an easy task to rank your website on the First Page of Google but it is not impossible too. By doing some research, making some strategies you can achieve this goal. Your job is not over if once a particular Web page gets ranked and comes on the first page of Google, the ranking which your web page got is not static. If your web page getting ranked on the first page of google you should take various steps to maintain that rank otherwise your competitors will overtake you. So we should be always alert in this aspect.

Let us first understand How Search engines like Google, Bing etc work.

Google has Computer systems which are fully automated and work 24 hrs and 365 days and visits websites. The Google bots or crawlers crawl websites and take snapshots of the visited pages and store in their database. The Search Engine system reads the whole content of each webpage and then it determines which page to show for the specific keyword search. The Search engine algorithm determines which webpage is more relevant to a particular keyword search and displays first in the searches.

After you put a query in the search engine you will be getting the results, that result is called Search Engine Result Page.If you want to get your website to be crawled quickly by the search engine and indexed you should submit your sitemap asap.

Ok now you have created and submitted your website’s sitemap in Google webmaster tool now within some days your website will be crawled by Google bots and other search engine crawlers and your website will get indexed. After indexing, you saw your page is getting displayed in 67 th page in SERP. “But how could I bring to the first page of google search?” That’s a million-dollar question.

There are various methods you can bring one of your web pages to googles page one. I applied these strategies to bring it on page one and it will definitely work for you. So let me answer this question “How I ranked my Blog Post on the First page of Google?”

  1. Write your blog posts on the topics which have fewer solutions to a particular problem – Before writing a blog post you should do good research on your topic. There may be thousands of bloggers who are writing on the same niche which you are writing on, but the question is how will you compete with them? The easy solution is, write on the topics which others are not writing. Take the first movers’ advantage and provide the solution to the people which they are finding difficult to find on the web. By doing this Google algorithm will know your keyword is very relevant and it will be shown on the first page as there are very fewer posts on it.
  • Write your blog posts above a thousand words – My Blog post which got ranked 5th and got displayed was around 920 words. Always try to write dense blog posts nearly to a thousand words. Google and other search engines push posts which have dense and unique content. Then it would be so easy to get ranked on the first page.
  • Write Blog posts which are SEO friendly – This is the main factor which will boost your blog post to 1 st rank. Always make your Blog post SEO friendly by following the On-Page and Off-Page checklists. Your competitors also might have done SEO but if you follow the above points and combine with SEO then no one can stop your blog post from ranking on the first page.

These three points played a very important role in getting my Blog post rank 5th and display on the 1st page. My other two blog posts got ranked 13th and 18th and are getting displayed on the 2nd page at the current moment.

I hope by implementing these steps you could also definitely rank your blog posts on the 1st page.

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