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Which is good, Online or Offline training

Candidates have great confusion while applying for a course, whether to go for Online training or Offline. In this post, I want to remove all kinds of confusion which erupts in the candidate’s mind regarding which mode of training to be chosen.

Not only students but Working professionals, Housemakers, Entrepreneurs also want to learn something new and enhance their skills.

There are certain aspects which I want to specify both options which I want to specify:

Lets first talk about free or online courses:

1. First of all, nobody is going to spill out the secrets of how to improve your skills and the tricky techniques for free.

2. In free or Online courses you won’t have a chance to ask your queries after you practice it. Yes in paid webinars online you can ask but there also there’s a disadvantage. In webinars, only the speaker is audible and not the participants. In Webinar sessions they have Q And A sessions and many people will have queries, it’s upon the presenter to select to whom which he like to answer.

3. In free or online courses you won’t get a direction to your path. You won’t be knowing whether you are going to a right path or wrong.

4. Some people say recruiters prefer candidates who learn from their own as they showing interest and willingness to learn But the reality is at the time of interview recruiters prefer the ones who had general classes (offline) as they are exposed to live projects, practicals, internships and if the institute is popular then well and good . Companies don’t want to take chances.

5. A final point in the free courses or online ones, you don’t know whether the person giving free courses on youtube is telling the right or wrong. As you yourself a fresher would learn wrong concepts. You don’t know the authenticity of his/her knowledge. Any random stranger can make videos on youtube by referring to other videos. But in Offline and paid classes from good institutes the trainers are specialized and most of the trainers have corporate working experience. So there will be authenticity and you can trust them.

Offline training

  1. You need to invest some amount but trust me it is worth spending time and money. You will learn tricks and good techniques from your mentor which will give you a cutting edge over other candidates.
  2. You will have a structured direction towards the career. You will learn everything steps by step.
  3. The course material provided is in depth and it is prepared by Specialists in that particular field but not by a random stranger.
  4. You will get the opportunity to solve all your queries personally. You will have a broader view of the subject as trainers always give live and practical examples which online students would never get. Which I think is a must.
  5. Final point, in training institutes (well known) the trainers are mostly certified and have good working experience in corporate. So no one can doubt their authenticity, skills, and knowledge.

Yes definitely you can also learn from youtube videos or from some webinars but it won’t give you that foundation which can make you an expert or professional in that field.

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