What is Reddit and how to get huge traffic from Reddit

What is Reddit and how to get huge traffic from Reddit

Social bookmarking websites are the sites where the users can post their stories, queries, videos, informative articles by using tags to categorize them. The users can also bookmark others posts and can add them to their lists/collections and can share with their friends and connections on other platforms like Social media sites. This helps in enabling a greater reach to that shared content.

Today we will learn about Reddit, its usefulness and the ways to attract traffic from Reddit. Because of lack of information, many people miss upon various platforms which can really attract huge traffic from it. Earlier I heard about Reddit but never used it but after being a proud member of Reddit community I could see the difference in my website traffic. Reddit is just amazing.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a Social Bookmarking website where users can share their views, Videos, participate in discussions, sharing Blogs etc. Reddit encourages users to vote on different posts if they like. Depending on the post the users can Upvote or downvote a particular thread. Reddit is very well maintained and organized by the Admins. If the admins found the users are breaking the rules of the community they will directly ban you from that particular community. So be rest assured that Reddit is a spam free website.

How to use Reddit?

In Reddit, you will find communities which are called Subreddits. Subreddits are the topics to which any user can subscribe and become a part of. The Subreddits can be any topic like Humour, News, Politics, Health and the user can also create his/her own subreddit.

Why has Reddit become so popular and useful to users?

Reddit is a very good source for information on any topic. It can be called as a knowledge bank if you have any queries or require any information on a particular topic you can visit their

Reddit was accessed by 1.69 Billion users recently and by this figure, you can judge the popularity, usefulness, and potentiality of this site.

How to get huge traffic from Reddit?

As I mentioned earlier, Reddit is a platform where there are topics called subreddits where you can subscribe. You can post your blog’s link in those subreddits. But not all subreddits allow you to promote your websites, you should read the rules of a subreddit before subscribing it. When you post your website link in a particular subreddit related to your niche you will be getting instant traffic to your website and that too in large numbers because the members in each subreddit are in huge numbers.

Make sure on Reddit you don’t just go to promote your website, try helping others by sharing your knowledge and adding. If you comment on others post and people like it you will get good points .these points are called karma points, the high the karma points the more people will trust your answers. The more people trust you they will click on whatever links you will post which will ensure the good flow of traffic to your site.

The bloggers who have not created an account on Reddit should do it today and observe the difference in traffic prior and later. It has really worked for me and I am getting a good traffic from Reddit.


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4 thoughts on “What is Reddit and how to get huge traffic from Reddit

  • May 28, 2018 at 9:18 am

    Hey Nemana,

    Thanks for this. I have a query.

    I read a lot and am planning to start a blog on book reviews.

    Can I use Reddit to get traffic for that too?


    • May 28, 2018 at 9:56 am

      Hi Ganesh…Yes, you can use Reddit for your book review blog and get traffic from there.


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