What are Backlinks in SEO and why Backlinks are Important

What are Back-links in SEO and Why it is Important

People who have basic knowledge about SEO then they would have heard this word called Backlink. The newbies often struggle to understand the term backlinks. It has to be kept in mind that backlinks are very important for SEO. The newbies in SEO might be wondering what are Backlinks and why are they so important. Backlinks are the major factor which makes your SEO in a good shape.

So let us understand what are Backlinks :

Backlinks are the Links which are directed or linked to your website. These links are also called Inbound links. The number of Quality backlinks you get from websites it means your website is popular, relevant and trustworthy. Backlinks help in boosting your website/Page ranking in Search Engines.

There are some terms which are important to the understanding of Backlinks:

  1. Internal Links – Internal Links are the links which navigate from one page to another within your website. This activity is called Internal linking.
  2. External Links – External Links are the Links which navigate to other websites.
  3. Link juice -When a particular website links your website or a webpage, it actually passes on the Link juice to your website. Link juice means that particular website has passed the value to your website or webpage.
  4. Do-Follow Links – Do -When a particular website links your website/webpage which allows the search engines to follow and land on your website which help in boosting your website or page rank is called a DO-Follow link. It passes the link juice plus with a backlink.
  5. No-Follow Links– No-Follow link is just the opposite of Do-Follow link. No, Follow link doesn’t help in boosting your website/webpage ranking and also doesn’t pass any link juice.

All these terms are very important to know in SEO perspective.

Now let us understand why backlinks are important :

  1. Indexing of your web pages become faster– Backlinks help in indexing your web pages very faster. Backlinks help the search engines crawlers to crawl your web pages at a faster rate and get it indexed.
  2. Getting Referral traffic – Backlinks are very important in getting referral traffic. Earlier days it was like the number of backlinks you get the higher the ranking of your website/webpage. But now the conditions have changed, now the ranking of your web pages depends on the quality of the backlinks which you are getting. You may have a doubt as to How you could get quality backlinks? To get quality backlinks you should write Informative and useful articles, you should comment on other blogs, forums related to your niche with your link, submit your link to good web directories.
  3. Getting Organic Traffic – As I mentioned earlier quality backlinks will help your website in getting pushed to higher ranks in Search Engines. If your website is getting organic links then definitely your website/Web page will be ranking high. Try building links for your posts rather than to your homepage.

So for the newbies, start commenting on forums, on popular blogs, writing killer articles which will help you in getting backlinks and push your website rankings.

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