My second month blog report

My second-month blog report

I have successfully completed two months in blogging and in this journey, I have achieved some milestones. As months pass by my inclination towards blogging is increasing. It would be like a cherry on the cake when your readers appreciate your work.

In this month I experimented certain platforms which I never bothered earlier when I wasn’t blogging. One such platform is Pinterest. It’s been a week since I created an account on Pinterest and started to pin. The results which I got was shocking. Within the span of just one week, 14% of my blog’s traffic is coming from Pinterest alone. This figure was really shocking but an eye-opener for me. From now on I am taking Pinterest very seriously.

The best thing about Pinterest is, it gives you permanent traffic to your posts, unlike Facebook. It is because it acts as a search engine, whenever people ask for a query and if it matches your keyword it will be coming in search results similar to Google. In Facebook, after a certain time, your posts won’t be visible and there are negligible chances that you would get traffic from those posts. In my opinion, everybody should try interest to skyrocket their blogs traffic.

In the second month of my blogging, I achieved certain milestones which I want to share with you all.


  • Happy to share in my second month of blogging crossed the 50000 mark for monthly traffic.


  • 126 subscribers, I got this month which is almost double the figure compared to my last month. I am working on an E-Book presently and will send to all my subscribers soon and hope you will get some value from it.


  • My Alexa country ranking (India) has come down to 69K and my goal is to occupy a space among the top 10K websites.


  • One more good thing which happened was, I got 3 offers to write a guest post for their website having DA 40, DA 42 and DA 36 on the topics of SEO and Blogging.

But still long to way to go to accomplish more milestones. I would love to help bloggers who are struggling in getting traffic to their blogs, or any assistance regarding SEO. Thank you to my readers who helped me in making this possible.

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