My First Month Blog Report |Milestone Achieved|

My First Month Blog Report |Milestone Achieved|

People start Blogging by having some dreams in their mind, to get good traffic, help people in solving the problem by providing a solution and to earn money. According to my experience Blogging is not an easy thing, it requires good research, patience in reading different books/articles, reserve time for writing and promoting the blog posts. Apart from these one more thing which I felt important was to know your target audience problems which they are facing and the needs. If you are successful in knowing what aspects your target audience is facing the problems and what are their needs then you will achieve your goals.

Today I am writing this blog as I have completed one month of Blogging and I am pretty happy with the response I got from my readers because of which I achieved certain milestones which I wanted to share. I just want to give a little motivation and help from my end to newbies in the field of my little achievement.

I started Blogging when I was in college in 2014 but only in my free time. I was doing Internship at that time for a period of 6 months. Most of my friends left to their hometowns and respective cities to pursue their Internships. As my friends were out of town, rather getting bored I started writing blogs. Day by day week by week I started getting good interest in blogging. After publishing, I used to share with my college friends, I used to request them to read and give feedback. I used to get mixed feedbacks and also suggestions and ways of improvement. This continued for 7 months but after that, I started working and because of time scarcity I stopped writing blogs.

My interest in writing never died, now in 2018 I again started writing. But this time I became much serious and matured in writing to taking my obsession with writing to a new level. I learned SEO and applied in my blogging. I realized just writing random stuff is not enough, it should give value to your readers then only you can grow. I selected a particular niche which I thought I can provide value to my readers.

In the first week, the traffic to my blog was not that good as I was in the process of learning SEO.But when I started applying to my Blog I could see a huge difference to my Blogs traffic. I observed my traffic suddenly increased three times. I strictly followed the SEO checklist. I think readers share, like and subscribe a certain Blog post because they trusted and liked the content. SO I thought I am accountable for providing my progress report to my readers.

In the starting, I created my account on Blogger and after 10 days I migrated my account to WordPress as it is useful for SEO.

Every Blogger should have a monthly goal and should check at the end of the month what his/her target was and how much it has been achieved. As in the initial days of blogging, everyone will have less expectation so did I.Below are some statistics on my Blog for the one month.

Goals Target Result Outcome
Blog posts 20 27
Traffic-Visits 5000 19000+
Traffic-Visitors 3000 8000
Subscribers 20 48

First Month Blog Report

First Month Blog Report

For the first 10 days when I was in Blogger, I got 4233 visits. I just shared my one-month Blogging experience and some strategies worked for me.

Learnings from my first-month blog are:

  1. You should be a seeker. Try to learn as much as you can in your niche and go deep in learning.
  2. Have patience. You can ‘t expect thousands of visits and views for your blog from the first day itself. To build a brand it takes time.
  3. Write Blogs with an intention to provide solutions to the people rather with a mindset to make money. If you become popular money will follow you in this field.
  4. Have a positive mindset. In the starting, you may feel low because of less or negligible traffic to your blog, but trust me all days won’t be the same. One good blog post and boom you will start getting unimaginable traffic.
  5. One point I want to add from my side is consistency. Be consistent in publishing your blog posts. It shouldn’t be like you post three in a week and in next week you are invisible, no posts. If you are consistent and keep updating your blog, it will help in ranking as well as create a positive impression on your readers.

These are all my personal experience which I witnessed and every blogger should adopt.

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