List of Top 5 Social Bookmarking sites to attract huge traffic

List of Top 5 Social Bookmarking sites to attract huge traffic

What is Social Bookmarking?

If you have sent an email with an URL of the website to your friends or relatives thinking it would be beneficial or they might find it interesting. If you did then you have participated is called Social Bookmarking.

Social Bookmarking in simple terms means tagging a web page with the help of web tools so that you can access that later.Here you are not saving the web page to your browser but you are saving it to the web, This is amazing, you can access that web page wherever you have access to the internet and can share with your friends.Social Bookmaking sites are usually used as search engines to get the solution or answer your queries.

What are Social Bookmarking websites?

Social Bookmarking websites are the place where people share their Blogs, useful Information, news, queries,Articles, images, and Videos.

It is a simple logic the more people get awareness of your Blog/Website the more you will be getting traffic to your website.Social bookmarking sites give a great exposure to your website and if you are successful in making your posts Viral in Bookmarking site then no one can stop from getting a huge traffic from these sites.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking sites

  1. Social Bookmarking helps in quick Indexing of your website is search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.
  2. The best part of Social bookmarking sites is you can get High-Quality Backlinks to your website which in turn helps in improving your rank in search engines.
  3. Through Social Bookmarking sites you can stay updated on your niche.
  4. Last but not the least it helps you in getting huge traffic to your website from day one.

Social bookmarking is a part of most of the companies strategy to get traffic to their websites.

Here is the list of top 5 Social Bookmarking sites to attract huge traffic 

  1. Reddit –  Reddit is a famous Social Bookmarking site where you can submit your Blogs, Articles, Images, Videos, stories. After posting you will get Upvotes and Downvotes for your submissions.Your popularity is based on the Upvotes and downvotes you get for your posts. You can link your website URL to these posts and redirect the traffic to your website.
  2. Twitter – People have mixed opinions on Twitter whether it’s a Social Bookmarking website or not. Let me give you an idea why it is a Social Bookmarking site.You can post your Website Link there, Images, videos, News which technically means you have already bookmarked your posts.Now you can have the access to these posts whenever you want. So Twitter is considered as one of the best Social bookmarking sites to redirect traffic to your website.
  3. Pinterest – According to the reports till Sep2017 Pinterest has 200+ Million users so you can figure out the potential this website has.Majority of people refer Pinterest before making a buying decision.This is a good platform to promote your website/business on Pinterest to get traffic as well as to get leads.
  4. Stumble UponStumble Upon is the best Social Bookmarking site. Users can submit their websites here with related tags and category. users can definitely increase their traffic through Stumble upon by submitting their website here.
  5. DiggDigg allows users to submit their website links and to gain good exposure and also traffic at the same time. This website also has a good potential to give you good traffic and exposure.

I hope this list of 5 Social bookmarking sites  to attract huge traffic will be useful. By using these websites you can definitely see a difference in your website Traffic stats. 

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