Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a great Technological achievement due to which the world will be more automated and lives will be more comfortable. Many people are raising concerns and cautioning against the excessive use of AI.B ut we are seeing that it has already started to change the way we approach different activities in our personal lives and as well as in business.
Imbibing of Artificial intelligence has become an important part o Digital marketing strategy. Google introduced Rank Brain Algorithm in 2015 which used to answer relevant user queries. It used AI to understand and then respond to users queries as relevant as possible. Now the Marketing of Business is also changing due to Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s see Impact of Artificial intelligence on Digital Marketing

  • Predict user behavior – It will be much easier to predict the user’s behavior, interests, search patterns and buying behaviours.AI will help the Digital marketers in knowing which prospective users can be converted into customers.AI will help the Digital marketers in predictive analysis. This will enable to predict the user’s behavior very easily as a result pitching and converting to the prospective customers would be very easy.


  • Good user experience – Many Businesses are already using these AI-powered chatbots which would give a good user experience without any waiting time. The chatbots respond immediately to the customer queries similar to how a customer representative replies. Many users don’t know that they are actually chatting with a chatbot and not with a  human. The responses from chatbots would be very relevant to your query and you will get a feeling of chatting with a human. These chatbots have become so advanced that it has become very difficult for users to detect whether they are humans or machine. In this way, these AI-Powered chatbots will improve the user experience by responding immediately and giving realistic replies.


  • Use of AI in Content marketing – Customer is the King ,we have heard this jargon so many times. In Digital Marketing world experts say content is the King. Content is a good marketer for any business in this digital era. By using AI by Digital marketers in their Digital Marketing Strategy they could take the business to new heights. As we know AI collects users behaviors, interest, search patterns and buying behavior. By using these data in your content you can attract the prospective customer and convert them into your customer.


  • Reaching the target audience is easier with help of AI –  When you own a business it is very important to reach to the right people or target audience. If you fail in that then automatically your business would also fail. Artificial intelligence would be very helpful in reaching your targeted audience.AI based Digital Marketing will help in reaching out to the right people who will bring value and sales to your business.AI would help the Digital marketers in finding the right people based on interests, behavior, buying patterns, age, gender, financial status etc.


  • Forecasting Sales – Forecasting the Sales is a very important point for any business. AI would help the Digital marketers in forecasting the sales, as mentioned earlier AI collects all kinds of data like market trends, people behavior, economic trends which will make the job of the Digital marketer very easy to forecast the sales of the business by analyzing the data given by AI.

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Digital marketing would give the great advantage to the business. Earlier the business realize its importance it would be more beneficial to them.

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