How to write good ranking blog posts

How to write good ranking blog posts

It is everybody’s dream to rank their Blog posts on the first page. But it’s not that easy to rank well in this cut-throat competitive world. Only a few people understand that why some blog posts rank high and some do not. Here comes the SEO (Search Engine Optimization  ) which plays a vital role in ranking your Blog posts high. I started writing blogs during my college days in my free time in 2014. I have a great inclination towards writing and I used to write blogs as one of my hobbies. I wrote for a year and stopped writing after I started working. I started  Blogging again and do full time. The point here is earlier I didn’t do SEO and now am doing it for my blog posts. In just one month some of my Blog posts have been ranked on the second page of Google. This gave me a great motivation to do better to rank on the first page. If I reached the second page then it’s not impossible to reach the first. So I have practically seen the difference how blog posts rank with SEO and without SEO.

So today I want to share some tricks on how to write good ranking blog posts.

  1. Always use Long tail keywords – This is a very important point in ranking your blog post high. So let us understand what are long tail keywords. For example, you have a blog on Health and Fitness. You got good ideas on reducing belly fat. So your Keyword should be like “How to reduce belly fat in 15 days”. Long tail keywords are variations of your focused keywords but by adding some extra words. This enables your keyword to be more specific and automatically the competition is reduced. This will make your blog post rank high compared to short keyword like “Reducing belly fat”. This keyword is too generic and there would be a lot of competition which will be very difficult to rank high. So before choosing a long tail keyword just have a little search for what long tail keywords are ranking high and you can make improvisations in that and make your own unique Longtail keyword. I have written a blog post keywords you can go through it.
  2. Write longer blog posts– Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo always prefer blog posts with high content. It doesn’t mean you use maximum fillers just to increase the word count. the article should have relevance. You should know one thing that search engines always push longer content higher and helps in ranking easily. When you write a blog post be clear as to what you want to convey and what is your mission in writing that particular post. It will give you clarity and flow of ideas.
  3. Link to popular and reputable website of the same niche – While writing your blog posts, don’t forget to link the popular and reputable websites with your blog posts. It will give the readers additional good information of the related niche. It’s always good if you can give additional good information which really will add value to your blog posts. This will also show that you have done some research before writing the blog post. The credibility of your blog post will increase. External links are added to most informative posts.
  4.  By using internal links – This is also much important to rank your other blog posts too. When you use an internal link you are redirecting your readers to that particular blog post. It means the traffic to that post is increasing and also enables the google bots to make a clearer sitemap. I consider this a  very important factor in ranking your other blog posts.

I am pretty sure by using these techniques you can definitely rank your blog posts with high rank.

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