How to write a blog when you are not good at writing

How to write a blog when you are not good at writing

Small business and wannabe bloggers are either forced to write due to certain circumstances or they have an interest but don’t know how and where to start. The feeling is very unpleasant when you are interested to write a blog but you feel you are not a good writer. You don’t have to be an expert in writing to become a good blogger. The things you should consider and what’s important is you should be well versed with the topic which you are writing and can explain in simple words.

When you write blogs by giving a solution to the problems/queries/pain points which your target audience has then you attract good traffic to your blog. If you are getting traffic to your blog and people are engaging, giving feedback it means your blog is adding value to them. Value addition to your target audience is the main ingredient in the blogging world to become successful in it. If the target audience feels your blog was worth a read and provided a solution/an additional information which they didn’t know it will obviously add value.

There is only one thumb rule to become a good blogger and attract traffic is by providing the solution to a problem which your target audience is facing. In this blog post, I want to share some of the tips and ways which helped me in my blogging. These small tips and suggestions will definitely help in overcoming the fear and uncertainty to those wannabe bloggers who are willing to write but are hesitant.

Let’s just look at some of the tips :

  1. Have a goal – What you want to achieve? This should be your first question and you should have the answer. The goal can be anything :
  • To get ranked on the first page of Google
  • To help people by providing the solution to their problem in which you have expertise
  • To earn money
  • To make your brand popular

Without a goal, you can’t reach anywhere. So the first step would be to set up your goal.

  1. Be Consistent in posting – I found being consistent in blogging is very important.If not every day but do publish your blog post on every alternate day. If you are not consistent in publishing then the followers which you got even they won’t be interested in your Blogs.


  1. Decide on the topic which you want to write – This is a very important step to get started. You should decide the topic on which you want to write. Take a topic which you are confident on it and have ideas to express it in a simple way. If you do this you will never exhaust with your flow of ideas.


  1. Give a Structure to your blog post – As you have decided on what to write now you need to structure your blog post. Jot down points which you think can add value to your blog post. It is preferable to write down as bullet points so that later you can elaborate those bullet points.


  1. Write the posts thinking you are talking to a person – Always try to write your blog posts as if you are talking to a person. Don’t be too technical which results in losing the interest of the reader. Write in a manner you are explaining and conversing with your readers. This will give a good impact and you can create interest.


  1. Write in your own style – Yes there are many good bloggers whom we adore.B ut there is no thumb rule that we should write in their style. Be genuine, be yourself and write down your blog posts.


  1. Ask friends to give a feedback – In the initial days, it might be difficult to get traffic. But that’s not important, building confidence in yourself is much important. I have seen many who wrote their blogs but yet they haven’t published. The fear of going public is stopping them. To remove this fear first asks your close friends and family to read and give a feedback on it. After getting the feedback then publish it. you have nothing to lose if you publish it. So try to remove the fear by publishing your first blog and then you will really get a good confidence after it.


  1. Be simple in your language– Keeping your blog posts in simple language will really make your readers to adhere to it. It won’t give a good sign if your readers have to reach out to the dictionary frequently. It might make your readers to lose interest in your blog.


I think every wannabe blogger who thinks they are not good writers should follow these small tips to remove fear and polish their skills on blogging.

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