How to improve your Blog ranking and authority with outbound links


How to improve your Blog ranking and authority with outbound links

Do you know that Outbound links help you in improving your blog’s ranking and authority? There are a lot of beginners as well as experienced bloggers who don’t have much know-how on the outbound links and its value.
Outbound links are an essential part of SEO and we should not ignore it. So whenever you write a blog post try to give an outbound link to related websites.

What are Outbound Links?

Outbound Links are the hyperlinks which will direct you towards other websites from your website. As you have given an outbound link to the related website because of which the Search Engines will get to know about your blog niche. By giving an outbound link not only your blog’s ranking will improve but also the website authority and trust will also improve. By doing this you can make your SEO very strong.

Why are Outbound links important?

Outbound links play a very vital role in Search Engine Optimization. According to SEO experts, Outbound links play a vital role in ranking your Blog. The Outbound links linking with high authority websites will give a signal to search engines and it will try to push that website to higher ranks.

To know which websites are related to your niche and having good trust, you can try Google related search operator. You can search in google related: your domain doing this you will be getting all good blogs related to your niche and from that, you can link by choosing which have good authority and trust.

Before linking to the websites just keep these points in mind :

  1. Link only to relevant blogs: Having outbound links doesn’t mean you will link to unrelated blog posts. The topic which you have written and the link which you are going to have on your website should have the common niche. Don’t link to sites which are banned, spammy sites which will give you an adverse effect.
  2. Too many outbound links in one post are bad: Too many outbound links will ruin the readers experience on your blog. It will be annoying to see so many outbound links in one blog post. So you should avoid giving too many outbound links for good reader experience.
  3. Think before linking to websites: Link always to good sources such as Wikipedia. Wikipedia is still one of the most trusted domains according to Google’s point of view. Link to the pages which have good page authority.Link to the blog posts which give additional information apart from what your blog is providing. You can link to the Blog posts which have good shares on social media related to your niche. Share others bloggers link on your website and you can ask him/her to share yours on their website.

So consider having Outbound links in your blog posts to get a boost in your ranking.

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3 thoughts on “How to improve your Blog ranking and authority with outbound links

  • June 5, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    I’ve just started to include outbound links in some of my posts. Hopefully I will see benefits in terms of positive feedback.

  • June 5, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    I always link shops where I bought my clothes or hotels I’ve stayed to, I think that is really useful for a reader


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