How to get AdSense approval in the first attempt | Within 30 days|

How to get AdSense approval in the first attempt

AdSense ads are considered to be the best ad program for the bloggers. Every Blogger wants to have an AdSense account so that some passive income can be earned. But the point is if you get good traffic by having good content then you can earn a lot from AdSense.I have seen this with my eyes.

But the first step is to get AdSense approval which is a very difficult task, which people think. But what I observed is if you follow the guidelines given by google then it will very easy to get the approval for AdSense. On the internet, there are many wrong notions and myths about getting AdSense approval. So most of the newbie bloggers are always in the misconception that getting AdSense approval is tough and only selected people get it.

So first I want to remove the myths and wrong notions about AdSense approval :

1. People say AdSense will get approved only if your website is 3 or 6 months old depending on the country you belong to. But this information is absolutely false. Google doesn’t discriminate in giving AdSense approval based on the country the applicant is living in. No matter where you live if you follow and fulfill the guidelines given by google then your AdSense will be approved soon.

2. People link AdSense account with the DA (Domain Authority) and say if you have a higher DA then only you will get approval. This is also a false notion. It’s been a month I started my website and my DA is below 10 but I got AdSense approval within 30 days of creating my website.DA has nothing to do with AdSense approval.

3. Many Bloggers believe that once they get AdSense approval, then they will start to earn in Millions. This is not at all true. Bloggers earning in Millions does not depend completely on AdSense.They have their own products which they sell, they do affiliate marketing, take up projects from various companies and work as a freelancer. So having huge expectations on AdSense is not worthy. Yes, we can’t deny it will give a good earning if you have huge traffic coming to your site but to earn in Million it will take time.

So these are the common myths which you and I hear and read frequently.

Now let’s learn How to get AdSense approval in the first attempt | Within 25 days|.

  1. Should have at least 20 Blog posts – Before you apply to AdSense make sure you have minimum 20 Blog posts to get approval from AdSense.20 Blog posts are a considerable figure to get the approval.
  2. Each Blog Post should consist of 600 words.yes people tell if your blog post is having more than 200 words you will get approval. But the point is Google always like dense content rather than thin ones. So why to take risks, having a 600 words blog post will be easy to get approval and also to get higher rank in search engines. More lengthy the article the more chances for your blog post to get approval easily.
  3. Traffic – As we all know traffic is a very important factor for getting approval. You should try to have at least 400 page views every day to get AdSense approved on the first attempt.
  4. Design of your website- Try to make your website user-friendly. It shouldn’t be in a haphazard manner. Simplified Navigation from one page to other is a must. You should have mandatory pages like Home, About Us, Privacy policy and Contact us.
  5. Last but not the least write good useful content to the readers. your Blog post shouldn’t have grammatical errors, try using Grammarly to make your blog post grammatical error free.

I followed all these guidelines and got my AdSense approved in the first attempt and within 30 days of creating my website.

Posting my approved AdSense mail for credibility.

AdSense Approval

So by following these above guidelines, you can also successfully get AdSense approval. The points which I mentioned are from my personal experience.

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