How to generate traffic to your blog without SEO

How to generate traffic to your blog without SEO

As we know SEO is the best way to generate traffic to your website.But depending completely on SEO is a bad idea.If your Blog is SEO optimized well and good but if it is not then the question arises how to generate traffic to your Blog without using SEO? This is a very important question and the very basic question which most of the bloggers ask. Sometimes it is possible that you haven’t optimized your blog post properly and not getting traffic.Google works on Algorithm if there is even a small change in the algorithm it is possible that your SEO may fail.It would result in stagnation of your traffic as you were dependent completely on it.

Bloggers main motive is to attract readers to their Blogs and the ultimate goal is that the reader subscribes to your blog.It is because we need a targeted and serious audience.So instead of relying completely on SEO, we will talk about various other methods to attract quality traffic to your blog.

So now the question arises how to attract traffic to your blog without SEO?

The first and very effective method is through Social Media Platforms.There are many Social media platforms on the current date.To name a few Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ etc.  These are the best platforms to promote your blog and get targeted audience to your blog.

Facebook-With more than 2 Billion monthly users which makes Facebook the most popular and used Social media website Globally. You can post your Blog on your profile to promote it. There will be many pages and groups on Facebook pertaining to your niche. Go join those Groups and follow the pages and promote your blogs there.It is a good source of organic traffic you can get.If people like your post then they will share it with their friends, as a result, the reach of your Blogs will be increased.

Linkedin– Linkedin has 500 Million monthly users which show the potentiality of getting traffic from this site.Linkedin is a professional Social media Platform where working professionals and Businessmen meet at one place and share their knowledge.This is a great platform to promote your Blog/website/your business and get good traffic. As I said it is a platform where professionals, Businessmen come and you got a good opportunity to showcase your products/services/blogs/websites.

Google Plus – Google plus has 395 million active users worldwide. Many bloggers/entrepreneurs just registered on Google+ and forgot. They should know the potentiality of this platform are should utilize it in a better way to gain traffic and deals. Here also you can find communities relating to your niche and you can promote your website/blog/business and gain traffic and customers from this platform too.28% of google plus users are aged between 15-34, so accordingly you can pitch your products and services.

Instagram – the last Social media am talking about is Instagram with 800 Monthly users worldwide. To promote your website/blog you have to make an attractive profile by mentioning who you are, what you do, what you are passionate about and then post your link there because in Instagram you have no other place to post a clickable link.One more method is to screen capture your Blog and then edit it so that it looks presentable and post it on Instagram, remember you blog URL should be visible in that capture. So in these ways, you can promote your blog through Instagram.

Apart from Social media, you can also promote your blogs through Quora and attract good traffic from it. Quora is also a very effective platform to get traffic from. Please go through my tutorial on Quora.

Hope this post was helpful.

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