How to create Google+ Brand page for your Brand

How to create Google+ Brand page for your Brand/Business

Google+ is one of the Social Media Networking sites. It has around 34 Million Monthly Unique visitors.Google+ is used by 40% of Marketers as a Social Platform.Google+ audience is mostly from the USA, it is around 55 %. Creating Google+ pages is a great way to give exposure to your brand. When you create a page it actually acts as a Google+ profile where you can share posts, Videos, gifs. You can only add people to your circles the ones who have added you back.This will help you in promoting your Brand, business, getting leads and also in conversion. You can target and add your prospective customers and promote your products and services to them.

Now let’s see how the Google+ page is created :

  1. In Google search type “Google+ page”. You will be getting two options, Google Business and Google Plus Brand. If you want to promote our website/Blog then go for Brand or if you have a Business then go for the Business option.
  2. I am selecting the Google Plus Brand option. Now click on Create Google+Page.
  3. After clicking on the Create Google+ Page one page will be opened where you will be asked to give your Brand Name or if you have selected for Business then give your Business name. Then click on create.
  4. One more page will be opened where you need to enable your new page. Click on Enable.
  5. Now your page is created.N ow you have to upload your profile pic and Cover pic according to your brand.
  6. You should enter the description of your Brand or Business.
  7. The maximum size of the cover image can be of 2120 x 1192 px
  8. The minimum size of the cover image must be more than 480 x 270 pix
  9. The size of the profile picture is still of 250 x 250 pix
  10. Once you have optimized your page, now start promoting on your profile and other social media platforms. This is how you can get quick followers on to your page.

Google+ is a great platform to get leads for your business and for Brand awareness. So try experimenting it and who knows you can take your business to a new level using this platform.

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