Effective tips on Guest Blogging

Effective tips on Guest Blogging

In this Blog post, I will be sharing effective tips on Guest Blogging.Guest Blogging is very useful to get exposure to your blog, increase the outreach and to grow your dominance.If you get to write for a famous Blogger then the doors for good traffic will be open for your website. To write a Guest Blog your content should be very good.Good bloggers don’t accept blogs which have a poor content and which gives no value to their readers.Readers like, share and subscribe to their blog only when they feel they got some value reading that post. So we should always keep in mind “What value is Blog post providing to the readers?”This aspect has to be analyzed very carefully because everything is dependent on this.Guest Blogging is very useful in getting a good backlink.

So the primary question which arises in every blogger’s mind is How to start a guest blogging?

To Start guest blogging the first step is to find out the Blogs which are similar to your niche by using keywords like “Write to us”,”Write for me”,”Guest submission”,”Submit post”,”Submit an Article”. With the help of these keywords, your job will become very easy to filter out the Blogs which are providing the opportunity to write guest blogs. You need to be alert on Social media groups because Bloggers post their requirement for Guest Bloggers to write for them.So these are the methods to find how to start a guest blogging.

Focus on quality content – If you want the Bloggers to accept your Blog post to be published on their website then your content should be very good. Every Blogger has their own criteria to accept a blog for their website but the Quality content is always a  static requirement.If your content is not good and not grabbing readers attention then the brand image of the Blogger who allowed you to guest post will be spoiled. the credibility which he/she has created over years might get ruined.So try to polish your skills on good content.

Start making relationships with experts and bloggers in your niche. This is the best method to get an opportunity to write guest blogs. Start making good relationships with them and it would make your job easy to get to write for them. Experts and famous bloggers need content and if you provide with good content then definitely they will accept your blog post.

Pitching your Blog post – Pitching your Blog post is very vital. You have to impress the blogger who is going to accept your guest blog. Make the best pitch to grab the attention of your targeted blogger.

I am going to share 12 websites who accept Guest Blogs 2018.

  1. https://www.b2bmarketing.net
  2. http://beabetterblogger.com
  3. http://www.blogengage.com
  4. https://www.copyblogger.com
  5. http://www.creativebloq.com
  6. https://www.dailyblogtips.com
  7. http://famousbloggers.net
  8. https://hellboundbloggers.com
  9. http://www.iblogzone.com
  10. https://www.blogherald.com

Hope this Blog post was helpful and use these effective tips on Guest Blogging to earn your first guest blog.

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