Digital marketing is replacing Traditional marketing

Digital marketing is replacing Traditional marketing

In this 21st century, around 40% of the World Population has an Internet connection today. The number of internet users globally has risen 8 times from 2000 to 2016.

Total number of Internet users around the world 

Now we will see how the trend has changed from 2000 to 2016 in the Internet users globally:

Digital marketing is actually utilizing all the online channels and tools to connect with the potential clients. Nowadays people spend a majority of their time on the Internet and on Social Media sites. It simply means earlier Companies found it very difficult to find their prospective target customers offline. But after Digital Marketing came into existence the prospective customers are just a click away.

In traditional Marketing, the companies spend lakhs and crores to advertise their products and services just to get customers. But the point is even after spending so much how much the companies are materializing the results? How many leads are they getting? Here in offline strategies, the companies can’t even track whether the advertising campaigns are really reaching the targeted audience eg A big Hoarding at a signal. But in Digital Marketing you can make sure that your campaigns are reaching to your targeted audience and you can quantify the results, that is why it is so useful and important.

Digital marketing has become very important to companies. Without Digital marketing it would be very difficult for companies to survive. We have started observing the changes taking place in companies by shifting to Digital marketing from Traditional marketing. Let’s see why Digital marketing is so important and the benefits of it :

  1. In the age of Information and Data, the companies can analyze the traffic sources, their behaviors, Gender, Interests, buying patterns. The analytics are very vital for the companies to strategize their Marketing campaigns by specifically target their prospective customers and acquire the customers.
  2. Digital marketing helps the companies in having better engagement facilities. The customers on another hand also can reach the company through digital platforms to give feedback, complaints. The Customer service has reached a new level because of digital marketing.
  3. Digital marketing is Coste effective than Traditional marketing. The companies can save a lot from Digital marketing activities and also can target specific audience which you can’t find in Traditional marketing.
  4. Statistics have proven that Digital Marketing promotional campaigns and activities are reaping good revenues as compared to Traditional marketing.

Let us see what happens on the internet in just a blink and know the potentiality of Digital platforms:

1) Google 

 Google Search engine dominates the whooping Market share worldwide of 90.61% followed by Bing 3.24% then Yahoo 2.09 %, Baidu 2.04%.

2) Emails

3) Skype

4) Twitter

5) Youtube

6) GB

Just think so much is going on on the internet in just 1 second. Look at the potential the companies have, to do business just by sitting at their home.

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