Black Hat SEO VS White Hat SEO : Know the Difference

Black Hat SEO VS White Hat SEO: Know the Difference

Black Hat and White Hat techniques are usually used to improve the website ranking on search engines. As the color implies, black stands for something which is not good or evil in nature. On the other hand, white stands for something which is pure and pleasant.

Black Hat SEO refers to the techniques used to improve the website ranking by breaking the rules of search engines. Black Hat SEO practices just focus on Search engines but not users who read your content. The website owners who apply Black Hat techniques generally lack patience and want their website ranking to be high quickly. On the other hand, White Hat SEO give preference more to the human audience than search engines. The website owners who use white hat SEO techniques want to rank their website by following search engine rules and don’t like to break them.

I am writing this blog post by keeping the newbie bloggers in mind. Sometimes because of lack of knowledge and ignore newbies start using White Hat SEO techniques in a way that it transforms into Black Hat SEO. So let us see the difference between Black Hat SEO techniques and White Hat SEO techniques which affects your website ranking.

Black Hat SEO Techniques:

  • Keyword Stuffing – When you write a blog you should always keep in mind by not overusing the keywords in your content. There is no fixed percentage but still, it is preferred to keep your keyword density up to within 2-3% . Some bloggers keyword density goes up to 6-7% which is not at all favorable for search engines and it will be considered as Black Hat SEO which will affect your ranking.


  • Cloaking – Cloaking is a technique where the content presented to the user/reader is different than the content presented to the search engine crawlers for indexing purposes. Cloaking is not at all a good practice to be imbibed in your strategies.


  • Mirror Websites– Mirror websites where the Website owner has multiple websites but publishes almost the same content in each of the websites.


  • Doorway or Gateway Pages – These kind of pages are of very low quality where the website owner just use keyword stuffing but not relevant or quality content. These pages are known as Doorway or Gateway Pages.


White Hat SEO Techniques:

  • Following the Search Engine rules: Every blogger wants their website to be ranked high. This can be done by following the guidelines rather than imbibing Black Hat EO techniques and breaking the search engine rules. You can find the official Google Webmasters Guidelines here.


  • Don’t cheat the crawlers as well as the users – Present the same information/content to the search engine crawlers as well as to the users.


  • No Plagiarism – The content should be unique, it means it shouldn’t be copied from other websites. Yes, you can take some ideas and can articulate it but don’t copy word for word.


  • Keyword Density – Don’t try keyword stuffing in your blog. It will affect your ranking and is not preferable. Keep the keyword density within 2-3 %.


  • Write content according to users – The content which you are willing to write should be written by keeping the users/readers in mind. If your users will like your content they will definitely share with others, engagement will be there and it will result in the high ranking of your website.

By using these White Hat SEO techniques and by avoiding Black hat SEO techniques you can keep your website healthy.

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