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Importance of Keywords in Ranking your Blog post/Website

Keywords are considered very Important in Content writing.If you have decided to start Blogging then you should focus on keywords and make your blog SEO friendly.This will result in getting you organic traffic to your blog, as a result, your blog rankings will slowly get a boost. Even if you write a good blog with great content but if you aren’t focusing on your keywords and SEO then the whole effort goes down the drain.
So today I want to talk about the importance of keywords in Content writing and how to make it SEO friendly.
Bloggers who have started writing blogs recently they are facing problems like lack of traffic coming to their website/blog.It is a problem for almost every new blogger.In the initial stages of blogging you, cant expect millions of visitors coming to your blog, we should be practical in our approach.The beginners should understand if you want to get regular traffic on your Blog Posts then you should concentrate on three things :

• Quality Content
• Focusing on Keywords
• SEO optimized blog

These are the basic pillars which will get you traffic on your blogs. If you research and work on these factors then no one can stop you from getting good traffic in the long run. You should understand one thing that Search Engines are algorithms which index and rank your website. So the end of the day there is a machine who is going to rank your website/Blog posts depending on the keywords, Quality content and how perfectly your Blog is SEO friendly.
Let take an example, Suppose you wanted to purchase and Mobile phone and have little idea about it. So you go to Google and type “Best Mobile phones” or “Best Mobile phones within the range of $100-$220 ?” So when you ask this query to Google it will present you with many results matching your search query.One more thing you should understand is there might be many Blog posts who will have similar Keywords and why their blog doesn’t come on the first page. It is due to various factors :

• The website might be new
• The website is not SEO friendly
• Having very less traffic to that website (From other platforms )
• Your content not adding value
• Your title is different and the content which you have written on your blog is different

So these are the probable factors which affect your ranking and stop from appearing on the first page of Google.
Another aspect of keyword Optimization which you should keep in your mind is :

• Short Tail Keywords
• Long Tail keywords

Short Tail Keywords – Short Tail keywords generally range from 1 to 3 words.Eg, Health tips, Best Hollywood Movie, Attractive offers etc.

Long Tail Keywords –Long tail keywords that more than 3 words. Eg, What are the best ways to lose weight? , How to become a good Blogger? Etc.

Short tail keyword and long tail keyword also affect the ranking of your Blog/Website. Short Tail keywords are generic in nature and when you search for it you can get many results. But Long Tail keywords are specific to the niche. When a certain query is asked by an individual it will filter all short tail keyword and will display specific results. So it is always recommended to use Long tail keywords to enhance your website/Blog rankings.

The combination of Keywords with SEO will give you great results. When you optimize your keywords with SEO you are making your own niche and have a clear idea of your target customers.
But the question arises how to know which Keywords people search for and in trend? Don’t worry there are many tools to find the best keyword for your Blog post. There are tools like SEM rush and Keyword Planner which are one of the best and preferred tools to search for your keywords. From this tools, you can know what are the other keywords people are targeting, what is the competition for particular keyword etc. So I recommend the beginners to use these tools to get good results.

And the last thing I want to talk about this topic is Keyword Density and keyword stuffing
Keyword Density-The keyword density means the number of time you are using your keyword in your blog post. The best and preferable keyword density should be within the range of 1-2% of your blog post.
Keyword Stuffing- The overusing of your focused keyword is called Keyword stuffing. So always try to avoid overstuffing your blog post with keywords. It will give a negative signal to Google and can have adverse effects on your ranking.

Hope this post was helpful. If you have any queries do ask me.

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