9 Tools to succeed in Social Media

 9 Tools to succeed in Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the best sources for your website to attract traffic. There are many Social Media Networking sites and Facebook Ranks one by having 2.2 Billion users. The potential of getting huge traffic from Social Media platforms is huge and companies shouldn’t ignore this from their Business Strategies.

Every Business, freelancer and a Blog owner wants to succeed. The people who respect time then time will respect them. It is very difficult nowadays to manually organize a website/ Blog, so we desire to make them automated and systematized. Most of the business gets successful in Internet marketing because they have automated systems in most of the things and less manual work.  People spend a lot of time by sticking to their computer by posting and monitoring each platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram.

Is there any solution for this? Can we automate these things?

The answer is yes. There are Tools which would help you in easing your social media efforts and also help you in gaining good engagement.  So today I will be unveiling 10 tools which will definitely help you and if utilized properly you can easily become successful in Social Media Marketing.

Lis of 9 Tools to succeed in Social Media:

    1. Buffer Buffer is the best tool to make your Social Media Campaigns successful. Buffer gives you the flexibility of scheduling 2000 posts which is a very great thing. Buffer helps you to analyze your activities for the posts which you have made. There is the best feature in Buffer by adding tweets and it will publish your tweets at a scheduled time. Suppose you are planning a vacation and won’t be available for a week on social media. Your followers might get disappointed.Here comes buffer at your rescue, Just add and schedule your posts before going on the vacation. The posts will be published even if you are not online and your followers can enjoy your posts and simultaneously you can enjoy your vacation.
    2. HowSociableHowSociable is a Social Media Monitoring tool. It measures the popularity of a brand with the competitors. It analyses the activity from 36 social media sites.It will give you the information of your competitors as what activities they are doing on Social Media sites.This information will help you in making your business strategies by the inputs given by this tool.
    3. HootsuiteHootsuite is another very useful and amazing tool.With this tool, you can connect upto35 Social Media sites.With this one tool, you can Schedule your posts, you can easily manage your social media content, you can measure your social media campaigns whether they are successful or at a loss, you can monitor what people are talking about your brand.
    4. Post Planner – With Postplanner tool, you can find the best content to post on Social media Platforms. You can explore good content through this tool. It can be best used for planning and scheduling your posts on Social media.
    5. Agora PulseAgoraPulse is the best tool to manage your Twitter account. This tool will help you in boosting up your engagement on Twitter.
    6. CrowdfireCrowdfire is another useful tool to increase your twitter followers and build your brand.. It has features like keyword followers and Copies Followers which will help in increasing your follower list.It has an amazing feature of automated direct messaging by engaging with new followers.
    7. Pinterest AnalyticsPinterest Analytics help you to see how many people are seeing their pins, how many are pinning from your website.This is a useful tool for Pinterest users.This tool shows your good performing pins and also from which country you are getting most of your followers.Use this tool to get good traffic.
    8. FeedlyFeedly is a Tool which helps you to keep updated on whatever is happening on Social media. It keeps on giving you an update if any tweet is published by your follower or the ones you follow. This tool will help you in reacting and making quick strategies according to your followers and competitors activity.
    9. Sprout SocialSprout Social is a tool which will help in responding to your client’s queries without making any delays.Many clients get pissed off because of the late response but this tool will act as a savior in customer service. Most of the business won’t prefer if customer service is not good. So to avoid that situation use this tool and make your response faster, efficient to make your client happy.


This Book is best for knowing the consumer behavior.Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion is the  Books name.Great strategies are given to lure your consumers.This book primarily talks about how to persuade your prospective customers and explains the psychology of why people say “yes”.Good book for the ones who want to enter business or are into business.

So these are the 9 Tools to Succeed in Social Media. So don’t make any delay and start using these tools from now and succeed in Social media

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