Learn to write a Blog in 6 steps


Anyone who wants to start Blogging must have a passion for writing.You should feel happy while writing and not consider it as a burden.Blogging has become a source of bread and butter for many people.People initially start to write their blogs with great exuberance but as time passes by they become cold and the blog is dead. The main funda of Blogging is to write with same zeal everytime you write.When you start blogging and take it seriously you will start observing each and everything very minutely.You become a keen observer of things which in turn gives you a new topic to write upon.The more you take blogging seriously the deeper you go, research and learn new things.

You can make blogging as your full-time career, can become a freelancer and work for various clients.Don’t write blogs having an intention to earn money.If your content is good and adding value to peoples life traffic and success will follow you. So today in my blog post will talk about how and what parameters have to be taken into consideration for writing a blog.

What is a Blog?

In simple words, A Blog is any information which is published on a website.They are called Blog posts.Blogs should be informative in nature and interactive. The posts should be interesting otherwise no one will read it.People who have a skill of storytelling will excel in this field.If you know the skill of expressing your thoughts and ideas in the form of words then Blogging is suitable for you.People who lack these skills can also gain it by regular practicing it by writing frequently and learning.

Let’s see the things to be considered before writing a Blog :

  1. Selecting your niche (The Subject of your Blog) – It is a first step and a very important. After you have made up your mind that you want to start Blogging, so selecting a niche should be your first job. You can select any Niche, it can be your hobbies, Interests, subjects you have been specialized in your college etc. The examples of niche can be Fitness, Technology, Food etc.You should be careful while selecting your niche. Keep in mind whether people are really interested in reading the niche which you are selecting.Think about how you can add value to the readers who are reading your posts if you select the particular niche.
  2. Blogging Platforms for beginners– Your next job is to select the best Blogging platform.There are many Blogging platforms but got beginners I recommend WordPress and Blogger. These two platforms are very user-friendly and beginners can learn using it very easily.
  3. Content Strategy – Now you are ready to start writing your blog. First, you need to plan your topic for that particular post.Suppose you are writing about fitness, you have to decide what are you going to write about fitness? The example of topics might be like this 10 benefits of going to gym or 5 tips to keep your body fit. So its very important to choose your topic which will give you clarity on what to focus on this post.
  4. The theme of your Blog – This is also an important aspect to consider for your blog. If you have good Theme and design then the chances of liking your blog by readers would increase. Don’t put odd colors and unwanted images on your blog which will make the readers dislike your post.If your niche is professional then do select professional looking themes for your blogs which will give a good impression to your readers.You can get many free themes in WordPress and Blogger itself.If you don’t like then you can go for paid themes.
  5. Pages – When posts are published they come in homepage one after the other. It looks unprofessional and doesn’t give a right impression to the user. Always make your Home page static and create a separate page called Blog where you can publish all your posts by categorizing them.
  6. Promoting your Blog- It is not like after publishing your first blog thousands of viewers would come to view your blog. Nobody knows you created and blog, you need to promote your blog and bring awareness by posting on social media sites, in groups etc. If you want to make your content SEO friendly and rank in Google search engine then you should learn SEO (Search engine Optimization ). You can learn from my SEO Posts.

Hope you find this input informative. Happy Blogging.


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