5 Content marketing tips for small businesses

5 Content marketing tips for small businesses

Small Company or a Big Company if you want to survive and be in the competition then Content Marketing is the need of the hour. All companies are slowly realizing without Content marketing they can’t survive in the market. Content is what to be marketed in this Digital era. If your content is good and you know to tell stories then it would be very easy to get leads. SEO is evolving significantly and the Small Businesses should How-tos, E-Books, Comparison Guides, and other Content Marketing Techniques to remain competitive in the race.No matter the content is created In-house or Outsourced, there will be a time when creative ideas for new and interesting content become scarce.

So let’s see 5 tips for creating some Interesting and fresh content for your prospective audience :

  • Create a Content Marketing Calendar: Having a Content Marketing Calendar that records a content strategy is a great way to ensure content creation on time. This Strategy is often overlooked by the companies.61% of the marketers complain that their major difficulty is that it takes too much time to create content. The rest marketers do have a content marketing strategy. When a Content marketing Calendar is made then it actually provides a set amount of time to brainstorm, strategize, research, create and publish it.


  • Analyze your older posts: Always try to analyze your previous posts which you have published. Figure out which Blog post got more traffic compared with other. The Keywords which you used for the content which attracted so much traffic to your blog. Check the Social Media performance as to on which post you got more likes and engagements. By understanding the Trends it will help in knowing which topics and strategies worked best in the past and also help you in giving a direction as of where to head with the future content.


  • Create a Survey: Understanding the customer point of view on a particular topic will help in providing material for articles and infographics. This will result in getting Backlinks for the content and will build a reputation as it is the primary source of data in that field.


  • Write on Trending Topics –  Writing content on Trending topics is always beneficial because people want to stay updated and follow the trend. Twitter has Trending topics and you can use Google Trends to know the trending topics by which you can create content on those topics which are trending on these Social Media sites to get huge traffic coming to your website. Write the content by presenting different perspectives of the story, if you want to make it viral then take a controversial stance and supplementing the content by adding videos and infographics.


  • Create Video blogs – The best way to be consistent in creating quality content is by making video blogs. Majority of people watch videos online every day, as a result, there is a good potential that a good amount of traffic will be attracted to your video blogs. Videos have the potentiality to persuade people more than text.

So these are the few tips which Small Businesses can apply and keep their content fresh, consistent and updated to attract traffic and leads to your business.

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