5 common mistakes that new Bloggers make and you should avoid it

5 common mistakes that new Bloggers make and you should avoid it

I Started Blogging in 2014 as a hobby and continued until one year but due to certain circumstances, I left Blogging. But now I have started again and this time I am doing it fulltime.Blogging is a very good mode to make your business get to grow, get leads and attract the attention of readers by providing them with useful and Informative Content.It is obviously being new in the Blogging World people make mistakes but your goal should be to minimize those mistakes and to avoid them.Some mistakes are minor and don’t do much harm to the blog but can’t afford to make major mistakes which can put a dent in your blogging.

By keeping this in mind here are the 5 common mistakes that new Bloggers make and how you could avoid them:

  1. Target Audience is not clear – The new Reports of We are Social reveals that there are now more than 4 Billion+ Internet users around the World.It is obvious that targetting and attracting all 4 Billion users to your website is impossible. You need to understand and set your target audience who will be interested in your Blog and will find value.Rather than writing any abstract thing, the approach should be to do a small research on what people are looking for and witnessing problems in your niche. If you able to find the problems that people are facing in your niche then here comes the solution, you write to solve their problem.For Example, As I am into many Social media groups in facebook.What I have observed is many people were either unaware of Quora or unaware of its features in promoting their website through it. I felt that there is a gap and I can fill it. I wrote a Blog post on Attract huge traffic to your Website/Blog using Quora and got an overwhelming response to this post.So before writing any post do some research, find the gap, analyze the problems and then give your solution through blogging.
  2. Writing like a pushy salesperson – New Blogger commits a big mistake by writing things like ” Contact u quickly to know more details”,”Buy our tutorials today to get discount” etc.This can make your viewers to ignore you and taking you lightly. People don’t like pushy salesmen and you need to avoid doing this. According to  QuickSprout customers, today value trust and safety in marketing than anything else virtually.So your basic motive should be to gain trust rather than sounding to be a pushy salesperson. Trust can be gained by providing valuable content which will be useful to your readers and which will make them come to your website again and again for reference. 
  3.  Concentrating on Quantity rather Quality – New Bloggers are mostly in rush to publish their blogs.They just focus on quantity rather quality and end up making their blog dead. It’s not that your Blog will get more views if you write more rather what value you are providing to them. Viewers should not feel pissed off or wasted time by reading your blog. It might have a negative impact and you couldn’t retain your viewers which will be a bad sign.It is ok to take time to publish a blog post but publish a good content rather than a long content.
  4. Using tough vocabulary – New Bloggers assume if they use tough vocabulary or tough English phrases then they would attract many viewers.But let me make it clear it is a wrong notion. People read blogs because to get some information, to know new things, to have a solution to their problems. If you use the words which are not understandable by a reader then what is the use of writing? Your goal should be effective communication, you should make sure whatever point you are making through your blog should reach your reader.You should keep in mind that not all of your readers are expert in English and by using simple English you can make the readers stick to your Blog.
  5. Proofreading is not done – Last but not the least Proofreading is not done by the majority of the new bloggers.This is a big blunder which they make and spoiling their reputation in the Blogging world. When readers come to read your blogs they do focus on your spellings, Grammar, Sentence formation etc. If this is not in line they would have a bad impression on your blog and you might lose viewership from the starting itself. So try to proofread before publishing any blog. There is a tool called Grammarly which will help you to eliminate spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes on your blog. Use that tool effectively and make your blog free of mistakes.

So these were the 5 common Mistakes that new Bloggers make. So your aim is to minimize it or avoid making these mistakes.

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