3 Smart ways to increase your blog traffic |Guaranteed|

3 Smart ways to increase your blog traffic |Guaranteed|

Blogging is a Long-term Project and you shouldn’t get demotivated if in the initial days you aren’t getting any views or visitors. Just one good blog is required to make your Blog/Website popular. Do some research as to where people are facing difficulties and provide them the solution.

The common struggle of many bloggers is to get traffic to their blogs/websites. The initial days of Blogging will be a struggle to get traffic from the first day itself. People start getting demotivated as they couldn’t attract traffic to their site. I have seen people quitting blogging because of the dearth of traffic. That’s a bad sign, giving up blogging even before exploring and trying different methods. There is no fixed method to attract traffic. Each blogger has their own strategies to gain quality traffic to their blogs.

Today I want to talk about certain methods by which you can definitely see the difference in your traffic and I can guarantee you it will work if you follow these steps. I am confident because these methods worked out for me and I want my readers also to gain from this. After adopting these methods I have seen a big change in the quality of traffic and as well as in numbers.

So Let us learn the 3 Smart ways to increase your blog traffic |Guaranteed|

  1. Articles having Value – No one wants to view an article or a Blog which has no value to the readers. It’s simply a waste of time. Saying is easy but the point is “How I should create a blog post having value in it?” Yes, this is a pertinent question and you have to ask this question to yourself. Finally, you have selected a niche to write blog posts on it. The first thing which you have to do is check the popular topics which are coming in google page. Check which topics are searched by people and what keywords they are using to search it. After you got this data do some brainstorming and find the gap which people are searching for and for which solutions are already provided. Now it’s your golden opportunity to write blogs on the topics which have the good amount of search from people but the solutions provided are very limited. Grab the opportunity, write the blog posts on that topic and you will definitely see the inflow of organic traffic coming to your blog. Every week one blog with KILLER BLOG is enough to boost your traffic to sky level. Do some research, analyze, observe what people are talking about in your related niche groups and write your blog posts. It’s not that you shouldn’t write a generic topic like others but my suggestion would be, try to write one killer article in a week and continue with normal posts the rest of the week. In this way, you can provide value to your readers and can attract good quality traffic.
  2. Networking – People don’t give much attention to networking but in my view, it is an important key which made many blogs famous. It is essential for the bloggers who are newbies in this field. Of course, networking plays an important role in all phases even if you are popular. Nothing is permanent if a popular blogger stops networking and building relations, there are many who are waiting to grab that opportunity and overtake the number one. The first thing you need to do is comment on the blogs of other bloggers. Appreciate them for their wonderful blog posts, follow them, and share their posts, like the blog posts. If you perform any of these activities the blogger will get a notification that certain action has been performed by a certain people. He/she will browse your profile, will go through your blog. If they like it they will even comment, like share etc. So in this way you can build a network and trust me in this way you can change the destiny of your blog. You can approach the blogger through email, Twitter, Facebook etc. Approach them with a motive to appreciate their work rather than to promote your blog. Build relationships in the initial stages later these would be the people who will promote your blog if you maintain good relations.
  3. Promoting your blogs – Now everything depends upon this step. Promote your blog aggressively in the initial days because that is required for the people to know that your blog exists. Join as many groups as you can related to your niche and promote there. Create accounts on Quora, Reddit, Stumbleupon to get traffic and exposure to your blog. Never stick to one source of traffic, this can be lethal later. Be active on social media sites, join forums and place your links, go to famous bloggers post and place your links. But remember don’t spam this might result in blocking you in many platforms permanently. Do it smartly and you can see the major change in your blog’s traffic.

Consider these three steps seriously and you can take your blog’s traffic to a different level.

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