How to successfully position your brand

How to successfully position your brand

Brand positioning in today’s world has become a common term. If the Positioning of your Brand goes wrong then the outcomes might be devastating. What is it actually?  The kind of feeling the customer have towards your brand, the first thing which comes to the customer’s mind after thinking about your brand. We have seen people choosing one brand over the other, this is because the brand which the customer has selected is happy with that particular brand. This is only possible if the company can position its brand to its target market in a correct manner.

Whether its a Start-Up or a well-established company, if you don’t have a branding strategy then it may result in isolation of your brand. Before making a rand strategy your company should do a thorough Market Research on how similar brands are positioning themselves. You should know what your competitors brand is promising the customers they will deliver. Depending on your targeted customers your branding strategy should be made otherwise the efforts will become fruitless. Your company should have a powerful and magnetic brand statement communication your brand’s value to prospective customers which is very important.

Let’s say you are into a Biscuit Manufacturing business and you position your brand by saying “We manufacture good quality biscuits “.  Do you think this differentiate you from other Biscuit Manufacturers? The answer is no because this quality is a mandatory requirement for every company. If your Biscuits won’t have good quality then obviously no one going to purchase it. You can only differentiate your product on the basis of quality when it is really on par with your competitors. Some example of best quality products is APPLE, Luxurious Cars like Rolls Royce. Their quality is really extraordinary so that’s why they differentiate themselves on the basis of the quality of their product.

The next question is how could you increase the demand for your product/service in this competitive world:

1)  First of all, identify which quality is unique in your business and try to position that.

2)  Sort down all the things which your business can give a good experience to your customer

“We sell quality” now this will really not sell because we all know the customer have become quality oriented and obviously they won’t buy junk now and nor the business produce junk. So these jargon have become outdated for this competitive branding world. But you can position your brand based on quality if you think you are really on par with all other business.

Let’s take restaurant business, suppose after a Market research you extracted certain data and conclusions like people like variety in food and good ambiance. So try positioning the features and benefits which resonates your target audience. So never forget do a Market Research if you want your brand to be successful.


For your brand to succeed, it needs to be differentiated, should add value to it and most important thing it should be captivating and ownable. 

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