Hardships faced by freshers

Hardships faced by freshers

Every student after graduating dreams of getting a good job with high salary. But the point is how many are really getting through in this competitive environment? I think all of us still remember the words said by our parents when we were in school “If you study well then you will get good jobs”. After passing out school in college the same dialogue” Study well you will get a good job and will earn good money”. Is that really happening?  If we see the situation, are the students really getting the jobs what they want? The problem with the advice is….it has actually become outdated, really outdated. When our parents were of our age then if they had a degree in hand which made them stand out from the crowd and got a higher level of the job. But now just earning a degree has become a basic qualification and it just shows that you are eligible for applying for a basic entry-level job in an organization. In this present era what you companies look for is your skills in that specific field where you are applying for a job and how you can benefit them if they hire you.

If we talk of the present scenario even after having a PG degree in our hand’s students are facing difficulty in hunting a job. When the candidates step into the process of searching or hunting for a job realizes the bottlenecks and hardships to get a good job or I may say an entry level job in this present scenario. Prior to applying or hunting the job, the students feel that the world and the companies are in their hand. They see a nice rosy picture of getting the job of their choice but lands up to a job which is not of their interest and of their field. There are many factors why a candidate doesn’t get a decent and the job which they want. But I want to highlight the main factor that is “The Companies have become choosy in selecting a candidate for the position”.Presently the recruitment process has become very rigorous and the companies are testing the skills and knowledge of candidates very deeply. Here comes the main problem for freshers, they lack in-depth knowledge and experience. So companies also don’t want to bet on freshers.

Many candidates deserve more than what they get or deserve. The factor which stops the candidate in achieving his dream job or in simple words the area in which he/she is interested in is the competition.  I always had a doubt why the companies prefer an experienced candidate even for entry-level positions? After having experience why the candidate is ready for an entry-level job? These are the two questions which linger in my mind always. This situation might be experienced by many candidates I guess. But after having several years of experience I came to know why companies prefer experienced candidates than freshers and their justification is really convincing. The reason is simply that they don’t want to take risks by taking freshers as they lack practical experience. Many candidates might have experienced that they have been turned down by the companies because they want to hire someone with experience. Another question arises at this juncture “How are we supposed to get experience if for every job or the job that we want to pursue our career in if they ask for experienced candidates? 

“You can’t get a job because you don’t have experience, and you lack experience because you don’t have a job”.  

A small suggestion:

What we can do is to take up different internship offers paid or free and many live projects which will give you exposure and also the relevant experience which a company requires. This can be done simultaneously along with your degree. The time when you are about to complete your degree can have a good knowledge of the process and relevant practical experience to showcase at the time of interview.  By this way, you can have a competitive edge over other candidates.

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