Business Success story of a 12th pass boy

The Business Success story of a 12th pass boy

This is a Business Success story of a man who just studied up to 12th standard. A year ago I was staying in one of the Metros in India that is Kolkata. I was deputed to that city for one year and really had a hectic schedule. My seniors suggested me to join a particular course which will help in boosting my career. As I said I had a busy schedule on weekdays so I only had an option to join the Training classes on weekends. This option is mostly selected by the working professionals and as well as students too.

Let me give a brief idea of Kolkata.It is called the city of joy and it’s a quite populated city.In my opinion, you can find the best, delicious and less expensive roadside eateries in India with unlimited varieties.But as you know there will be one dark side to everything so as Kolkata has. On Sundays, 99% of the eateries in the city would be closed as because the Companies are also closed on that day.

This was the first day of my training and the duration was 4hours per day as it was a weekend class. There were 6 people in my batch. We completed our 2 hrs session and the rest 2 hrs session was post lunch. We came out of the Institute and found not even one eatery nearby. And at last, found a restaurant which was open and we had our lunch and proceeded to our class. This continued for three weeks, every week we used to have our lunch in a restaurant and mind it restaurants in Kolkata are pretty expensive and that was becoming our concern.As everyone doesn’t want to spend a sum of amount in one meal which is equivalent to 3 meals a day.

In the 4th week as soon as we came out to have our lunch, our eyes traced a roadside eatery. A strange happiness gushed through our veins. We approached and asked him for a meal. He asked “Do you want chicken?” as I am giving it as a complimentary. This made my friends smile with happiness. Three of my friends opted for chicken and two of us opted veg. The rates were too cheap and no compromise on the quality.We were curious and asked, “how he manage to give free complimentary chicken?” He didn’t answer and just gave a smile.

We were contented with the food and had a positive review on it. Weeks passed and then months. He started to attract the crowd to his eatery.Around 30 people were standing and eating. His eatery is open for all 7 days of the week. My project got finished and I have shifted to my base. After some months I got an opportunity to visit that city for a Business trip and felt like visiting the same eatery. I was shocked seeing his eateries present condition. He bought a small mobile van where he served food and two workers under him. The most shocking thing I observed is, he is still giving the complimentary chicken to his customers.No wonder why and how his Business grew to such position.

The learning what I got from this was, he had a Competitive advantage and differentiated himself from others. The point is how he is managing a free complimentary chicken to all? In the initial stages, he might have even occurred loses or else kept a thin margin. But the end of the day his strategy worked out which made his business a success.

He really inspired me and taught it is not necessary to have a Masters degree in Business administration to make your business a success. It just needs to tap the people’s pulse and to find the gap and to fill it.

You all can share such Business Success story if you have ever witnessed which will help the budding startups and businessmen.

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